What do we do with the money?


Find charitable causes

Our main campaigns focus on three areas: Education, Military & Animals. Yet we do not hesitate to assist those organizations that demonstrate a concern for one of the other time-sensitive issues. For example, we stand ready to help any organization that seeks to guide groups that offer assistance at the time of an earthquake, or those that seek to prevent wildfires.


Create campaigns

Once a campaign is given approval by our board we create websites, donation pages and move to the next step.


Begin collecting donations

The new campaign is integrated into Innkoma.org to begin receiving traffic through our advertising channel called Cause Popunders™ which works through performance marketing.


Close out campaign

Once our cost of advertising and expenses are covered we begin the process of giving away the donations to their respective aide, partners and other non-proft groups we work with.


Publish the results

Staying transparent donators & grantors are able to see exactly how each campaigns money was given away to charity so everyone know that their hard earned money is getting to the right people.

Being rich is not about how much we have

but how much we give.